Spanish individuals with swiss residence

Individuals with Spanish/Swiss dual citizenship: Temis Law specializes in providing comprehensive advice to our community in Switzerland as we work alongside Spanish-speaking Swiss notaries and lawyers.

We can help you find integrated solutions (Swiss and Spanish combined) for your affairs in the following areas.

Estate administration and execution in Spain/CH

You can rely on our expertise when entrusting us with the execution and administration of estates in Spain and Switzerland, including intestacy (when someone dies without leaving a will). We can deal with all legal matters on your behalf following a death, including estate administration, distribution of legacies to beneficiaries, renunciations and contentious inheritance matters. We can arrange for the drawing up and signing of public or private deeds of inheritance, the calculation and settlement of accrued taxes and all necessary registrations with HM Land Registry, banks and financial institutions. We will also carry out asset and liability searches, including with life insurance companies.

Estate planning, Spanish/Swiss wills and gifts Spain/CH

We guide you through the complex tax and legal landscape when it comes to planning the transfer of your assets to the next generation. We also provide will writing services, advice on lifetime donations and help you protect your loved ones.

Real estate

Our real estate team deals with the purchase and sale of real estate in Spain and Switzerland as well as lease agreements. We calculate the tax impact and carry out the transaction in Spain on your behalf, if you do not wish to travel. Our extensive network of real estate agents will help you find the right property.

Tax and Accounting advice and planning

In relation to properties and inheritances located in Spain and Switzerland. We calculate and settle Inheritance, Gift, Capital Gains and Wealth Taxes. We claim back overpayment of Inheritance Tax for non-residents.


Consultations and application for pensions and benefits in Spain, rescue of pension funds in Switzerland and advice on the available options for those wishing to return to Spain.

Court proceedings before Spain authorities

Debt recovery, mortgage defaults and proceedings, dissolution of condominium agreements and recognition of foreign court rulings and authority decisions in Spain (Exequatur).

Family law

We deal with legal queries relating to family law, matrimonial issues and marriage agreements using the legal framework of both Spain and Switzerland.

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Spanish individuals with swiss residence

Tailored solutions and dual Swiss-Spanish advice for the Spanish community in Switzerland.

Swiss and other nationalities with interests in Spain

Legal and tax advice on transactions related to property and inheritance in Spain or Switzerland.

Companies with operations in Spain

Advice and ongoing support for your business in all corporate, legal, tax, labour and administrative matters.

Fiduciaries, wealth and investments in Spain/Andorra/Latam

We provide tax & legal advice and support for trust companies, fiduciaries, family offices, private banks, asset and wealth managers.