Swiss and other nationalities with interests in Spain

We are able to deal with all legal and tax matters on your behalf relating to the purchase of property in Spain. We will highlight any potential risks associated with the property or the investment and give you expert guidance on legal, tax and administrative hurdles.



Peace of mind when buying and selling properties in Spain

Temis Law will design the most efficient ownership and legal set-up for your proposed property purchase, whether it is a holiday home or an investment. Our excellent network of real estate agents/hunters will help you find the property that best suits your life or investment needs.

Temis Law will take care of all due diligence matters and pre-purchase investigations and file the required legal and tax information on your behalf, before completing your purchase in front of a public Notary. Please note, however, that certain certain administrative steps may require you to make a quick trip to Spain.

Management of real estate assets

For your convenience, our local teams in Madrid, Barcelona and the Balearics are experienced in the handling of day-to-day management of real estate assets, including representation at owners’ meetings, drawing up of leases and obtaining signatures, rent debt-collection, supplies and utility bill changes.

Tax bill and arrange settlement

We can also determine your tax bill and arrange settlement of annual taxes due in respect of ownership of assets, property, bank accounts and shareholdings in Spain.

Immigration: Golden visa programme and residence permits

We will advise you on residence options and the different permits available when purchasing property in Spain or making an investment. We also guide you through the whole administrative process with the relevant authorities to ensure you obtain your permit. Timing and coordination is the key to success and our experienced lawyers understand how best to make your case. Preparation and filing of the permit application is carried out alongside the execution of your investment.


Tax and estate planning, spanish/swiss wills and gifts Spain/CH

We guide our clients through the complex tax and legal landscape when it comes to planning the transfer of assets to the next generation. We also provide will writing services and give advice on life-time gifts. In planning your succession, your wishes and asset protection are of utmost importance and central to our work and assessment. If you are a Swiss national, your last will, covering assets in Switzerland and Spain, can be signed in Switzerland following Swiss laws.

Estate administration and execution in Spain/CH

You can rely on our expertise when entrusting us with the execution and administration of estates in Spain, Switzerland and Andorra, including intestacy, when no will has been left. We deal with all aspects of wills and estate administration, including distribution of legacies among beneficiaries, estate administration when beneficiaries cannot be located, renunciations and contentious estates.

Public or private deeds of inheritance are prepared and signed, accrued Inheritance Tax and Plusvalía taxes are calculated and settled, followed by the necessary registrations with the Spanish Land Registry, banks and financial institutions. A full assets and liabilities search is conducted in Spain, including enquiries made to life insurance companies.

Administrative support

We support you when dealing with administrative and bureaucratic tasks related to owning a property or having a estate in Spain: the opening/closure of bank accounts, procedures with the local administration, financing queries and obtaining NIE numbers and residence certificates.

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Spanish individuals with swiss residence

Tailored solutions and dual Swiss-Spanish advice for the Spanish community in Switzerland.

Swiss and other nationalities with interests in Spain

Legal and tax advice on transactions related to property and inheritance in Spain or Switzerland.

Companies with operations in Spain

Advice and ongoing support for your business in all corporate, legal, tax, labour and administrative matters.

Fiduciaries, wealth and investments in Spain/Andorra/Latam

We provide tax & legal advice and support for trust companies, fiduciaries, family offices, private banks, asset and wealth managers.